Little Man Cave In The Making

Okay lets start off with a little history lesson. Teenies soon to be room was once my room growing up, CRAZY COOL I know! Okay lets continue......before I got pregnant it was my workspace/ my husbands Dj room and room where he kept all his clothes because I apparently didn't have enough room for him in our bedroom :) 

When I found out the gender of our baby I was so ready to get started!!! Lucky for my husband I like to make things work! Since that room already had an industrial look to it I literally kept all the furniture that was previously already in there so all that had to be purchased was the crib and the rocking chair. I didn't want to buy a dresser so since I already had a bad ass desk that had massive drawer space (Goodwill Find!!) all I did was paint it and BAM what do you know I have a dressers/ changing station. Genius I know lol !!!  I even made his curtains along with burp cloths,blankets and bibs. Crafty mama in the house!

This has been so much fun for me but let me tell you finding the small little details to piece his room together has been a bit stressful only because I feel like it has to be perfect for him (But its been more fun than stressful I PROMISE !) Ive been pinning ideas for the past 3 years before I even got pregnant (Crazy I know but I am positive I'm not the only one) I just knew this had to be done if I was blessed with a little human. I don't know how many times Ive gone into that room and moved things around!!! I over think way to much!! Knowing me I will probably change the look around or at least the carpet in about a year. For my husbands sanity lets hope not.

This is what the room looked like before I moved the chest and installed the crib



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