Our Birth Video

Pregnancy was such an amazing experience for me!I feel like I've dreamt of being pregnant forever. It came to a point where I thought that it was just not going to happen for us and the thought of it shattered my heart every time! I'm so grateful to God for granting us this blessing. I loved every second of my pregnancy even towards the end when things started to get really uncomfortable. I felt so beautiful in my own skin for the first time in my life.I loved feeling my baby wiggle and kick inside. It made me feel so important. 

Thinking about going into labor was bittersweet only because I knew I was going to miss having my baby so close to me. Don't get me wrong the thought of hearing and seeing my little boy for the first time would make me cry LITERALLY! Thinking about cuddling with Martin and the baby and Holidays also made me cry. I was just a happy mess.

Martin always knew we were going to have him early, he was actually pretty spot on. He really really wanted all of us to share the same birthday month and I have to admit it's pretty cool! Best early birthday gift EVER!

The week before I gave birth to my son something told me that I was going to have him pretty soon only because I was having contractions all week. I tried not to get excited because it was starting to make my days feel so long always wondering if today was going to be the big day! I even thought my water broke but it was actually ALOT of pee lol oops! 

Finally Thursday's at 12am my contractions started to hurt and that's when I started to get nervous. I started walking around the house I made myself a tea and start timing my contractions but they were still way too far apart of course. All night I tossed and turned from the discomfort but I kept telling myself "I'm sure if it was getting close I would be in more pain I'll just wait a couple more hours". That morning Martin kept asking me if I was ready to go to the hospital and of courts I kept saying no even tho I was trying to breathe through the contractions. At about 11am I went to the bathroom and what do you know .... My mucus plug came out! That's when I really got scared and decided to go to the Hospital. Long story short I was there for 3.5 hours before they told me to go home and rest and take a bath and that they were almost positive they would see me within the next 12 hours and they were right! 14 hours later I was back and ready to have this precious baby of mine.

I'm so blessed to say that I had beautiful beautiful labor/delivery experience. Martin was having a blast snap chatting me having contractions and asking me how I was feeling with a huge smile on his face! I'm surprised at myself that I wasn't getting overwhelmed and annoyed because I won't lie and say I don't get overwhelmed easily! I was just loving how excited he was and I wanted him to have his own experience. I was so excited and calm the whole entire time. Hearing and seeing my baby was better than I thought it would be. I don't even think I can try to put it into words. It was just simply the best day of our life!

Steph! (The one behind this beautiful video) THANK YOU THANK YOU! Because of you I will relive the most important day of my life every time I watch this video. We love you so much and are truly thankful for spending every second with us at the hospital with us. Thank you for putting all your love into this! I will always be thankful