Our First Days As A Family

Aug 28th 2015 

Room 335, our First night as a family of 3. I came out of the delivery room feeling amazing full of energy and happy as can be to finally have my little in my arms the only thing not feeling so great was my left leg since it was heavy and numb due to the epidural (which I am so grateful for). Teenie boy (Martin Noriega Jr. All his Papas idea,apparently he had to continue the legacy) slept like a champ and did not cry one tear that whole night besides when the nurse came in at 2am to give him a bath. Eventually we got tired and tried to take turns taking a nap and of course I would only nap 5 mins because I woke up at every little cute noise the baby made. Now Martin.....thats a whole different story, that man can sleep through a parade! Ill still give it up to him, he changed the babies diaper our entire stay. Let me tell you my heart still comes out of my chest when he changes is diaper because he talks so sweetly to him!

Aug 29th 2015

Still feeling high in the sky with love, we woke up refreshed with a huge smile on our face! We ordered breakfast at 7:30AM and got ready for a day full of visitors. Fast forward...I couldn't get the baby to latch and I began to worry, it was extremely important for me to breastfeed him. I wasn't going to give up and I just kept hand expressing all I could to be able to feed him. FINALLY the MOST AMAZING lactation consultant came in and saved the day. She rubbed her magical finger in his mouth and WAAAALAAAH  he latched on like a little champ that he is. Instantly I got emotional! I am soon grateful to her. Fast forwarding again....It hit bedtime and night 2 was completely different from night 1. Baby boy was fussy all night wanting the boob and by that time I was already sore and bruised. That didn't stop me...I was loving the fact that it made feel important and needed by him.

Aug 30th 2015

Happy Birthday to me! God gave me the best early birthday gift!!!!

Our last morning at the hospital. I don't even know how to express the excitement I felt to be able to take our baby home. Before I end this post I need to let you guys know that I am so grateful for all the nurses that took care of us during our stay. They were all truly amazing! My whole experience at Torrance memorial was incredible. With all that said we were ready to take him home. I felt so excited to just see him in his carseat and in our car and to have our first car ride as a family. 

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